DoBrain - Kids Learning, Brain Training App




DoBrain is the best educational app for 2-6 aged kids, babies, toddlers & preschool children.
DoBrain accelerates children's development remarkably.
Dobrain is an amazing learning app for preschool kids, kindergarten kids, toddlers and babies. While kids enjoy the app's videos and games, they learn and grow many abilities and skills. DoBrain's learning activities include animations, books, games, puzzles, art activities(drawings) and songs.
"UN Urban Innovation Challenge Grand Prize" - 2017
DoBrain offers new free BrainEdu Session(educational lesson) every week. Each session stimulates children's 8 core areas of the Brain.

ㆍAttention & Memory
ㆍConstructional Ability
ㆍLogical Reasoning
ㆍMath (Mathematical Thinking)
ㆍSpatial Perception

1. StoryEdu Sessions!

- New free StoryEdu Session is available on every Tuesday and Thursday!
- StoryEdu Sessions are the educational programs with fun animations and interactive questions.
- StoryEdu Sessions teach through interactive learning activities.
- Animations also enhance children's communications skills. Preschool children can learn to read and speak English through animations.

2. GameEdu Sessions!

- New free GameEdu Sessions are available on every Saturday!
- With animation, kids can enjoy games with interactive learning.
- Every game stimulates at least 1 area among 8 core areas.
- GameEdu Sessions offer many fun games and interactive learning activities

ㆍDraw the picture
ㆍMath games
ㆍSpot the difference puzzle(Find the difference puzzle)

3. DoBrain Reports!

- DoBrain Reports provide systematic analysis on development of 8 areas of the brain and children's progress.
- DoBrain Report also recommends activities helpful for kids' development.

We are always waiting to listen to how you and your child feels about our app. Our biggest goal is to make the best learning app for your valued child.
If your child has any troubles with our app, please feel free to send us an e-mail.
You can also enjoy Dobrain animations and stories on Youtube!